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AX021 Slide Carburetor Main Body Composite .28/.32

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This is the Slide Carburetor Main Body for the Axial .28/32 Engines.

FEATURES: 8.5mm Composite Slide Carb Carburetor adjustments 3 needle

INCLUDES: One Carburetor body One parts manual

REQUIRES: One Axial Uniball (AXIG0022) One Axial O-Ring 2x1.5mm (AXIG0038) One Axial Low Speed Needle Valve (AXIG0039) One Axial Idle Adjustment Screw w/o O-Ring (AXIG0023) One Axial O-Ring 2x1.7mm O-Ring 8x1mm, comes as set (AXIG0025) One Axial Fuel Line Fitting/Washer Set One Axial Slide Valve One Axial High Speed Needle w/O-Ring (AXIG0028) One Axial High Speed Needle Adjuster Cap One Axial Fuel Inlet

SPECS: Carb Port Diameter: .50" (12.8mm) rmb 12-26-06  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.00" W. X 1.00" H. X 7.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .10 LBS.

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