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PT22 Poly Zap 1/2 oz

PT22 Poly Zap 1/2 oz
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This is a Bottle of Poly-Zap Multi Purpose Formula by Pacer Technology.

FEATURES: A specialty CA adhesive developed for use on today's newer plastic. Ideal for of the more difficult plastics to bond. Poly-Zap also works with delron, polycarbonate, ABS, styrene, nylon, and most acrylics. Works on many types of films and painted sufaces. Perfect for today's ARF type models. ABS cowls, canopies, Lexan car bodies, fiberglass repair, model boat parts and automotive trim are just a few of the many applications for Poly-Zap. Medium viscosity. Strong and flexible. Dries clear. Multi purpose formula. Easy-to-squeeze bottle with reusable cap. You need only to use one drop per inch. Full set occurs in 30 seconds.

INCLUDES: One Bottle of Poly-Zap One Z-End

SPECS: Net Weight: 1/2oz (14.2g)

COMMENTS: This glue bond your skin instantly to your model. kr12/13/01 ir/kh  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 1.25" W. X .75" H. X 3.75" L. BOX WEIGHT: .08 LBS.

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