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GZR New Vision pipe

GZR New Vision Pipe
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After almost a year designing and testing they are finally ready to release. This is not one of those what we call SCAM pipes that company's buy and tell you it is the best they ever made and all they done is buy it from china our "New Vision pipe" was designed by us tested by us and built to our spec's and hands down one of the best performing pipes on the market by far and is not one of those thin as a alum can pipes. The New vision pipe is built to our spec stainless steel and weights 8oz and 16 1/2" long and internal stinger will come only in 7/8" Buy a pipe that was designed by one of  biggest engine builders in the world ""NEW VISION"" PIPE FROM GIZMOMOTORS



PLEASE NOTE : The pipe does come with screw clamp not pictured


overall length of pipe 16 1/2"

Stinger Length 2 1/2"

Too start setup at 12 1/2" following from the back of no leak around header to the center of the cones

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