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500ml IV gas bag system w/Dot

Baxter 500ml IV gas bag system w/Dot
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You talked and we listened.Here is our new American made 500 mil gas bag that is very user friendly it has has 2ea 1/4" inlets so you fuel line and inserts can put in  without cutting the ends of the bag inlets off like other brand bags being used. These are a thick bag so the insert if it does rub the bottom of bag it wont cut the bag.You will see how nice these bags work better then other bags on the market. 7-1/4"x4-5/8" long "bag only" not including the inlet ports that about 1" long

:Also included

3 ea 1 foot pcs of Oem true tygon fuel line

1 ea fuel tee

1 ea fuel insert

2 ea tie straps.

1 through the hull fuel dot


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