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44470 HPP-22 PC Interface

44470 HPP-22 PC Interface
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This is the HPP-2 PC Programmer for Hitec Transmitters and Receivers.

FEATURES: Allows you to connect your Hitec radio equipment to your PC USB interfaced Easy operation with PC program PC interface for Hitec 2.4GHz Telemetry Monitoring System Functions include firmware upgrade, data setting, data save and load to PC, data reset and auto version check

INCLUDES: One HPP-2 PC Programmer

REQUIRES: Windows XP or Windows Vista USB to mini USB cable USB port

SPECS: Length: 47mm (1.9") Width: 30mm (1.2") Height: 20mm (0.79")

COMMENTS: Applicable models include: HSD-09RQ Receiver Optima 7.9 Transmitter Optic 6 Sport, Aurora 9 Transmitter Spectra 2.4 Transmitter Module updt updt  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 3.00" W. X 1.63" H. X 3.75" L. BOX WEIGHT: .11 LBS.

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